The BBEdit / TextWrangler File (TextWranlger is discontinued, BBEdit is free to use and runs in 64-bit mode. Some functionality is disabled in the free version, please check the BareBones web site for details). Please get the BBEdit syntax file here.

To Install for BBEdit, copy file to ~/Library/Application\ support/BBEdit/Language\ Modules

To Install for TextWrangler, copy file to ~/Library/Application\ support/TextWrangler/Language\ Modules 

Please get the VIm (vi improved) syntax file here.

To install for MacVim, copy fie to /Applications/

(needs to run with sudo or log in as root)

To install for Linux, copy file to /usr/share/vim/vimXX/syntax/progress.vim where XX is the version of VIM in use on that machine.

(needs to run with sudo or log in as root)